glass pendant - Stereoscope

Ok Stereo Photographers, time to represent!  Here's some California slang with a twist. The message roughly translates to, "Greetings Fellow Stereo Enthusiast", but who has time for that mouthful!  Outsiders may scratch their heads, but folks in the stereo community will immediately recognize you as One of Us.  

Each 1.25" glass pendant starts as a piece of ivory colored glass stacked on a clear piece then in the red hot kiln they go until the glass goes molten and puddles up.  The image itself is actually made of fine iron particles and burned into the glass on a second trip through the kiln. 

The included 19" twisted silk cord has a knot and loop closure and can be swapped out with a 21" cord by request in the notes section on our order page or by email. The gift box includes a card describing the Iron Particle Fuse process.

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