Rustico - Fishing Log

That's it, be patient, and log that catch. Our Leather Fishing Log Book is handmade from top-grain leather and approved by our resident Fisherman Isaac Childs (who just happens to be the founder of Rustico). Great for everyone from beginner to seasoned expert. 

Artist Edition: Features a Brook Trout design by the talented artist and angler, Tim Johnson. His distinct artwork is engraved into the leather, making this a truly unique logbook!

Dimensions: 3.75" x 1" x 8"
96 templated 3.25" x 7.5" pages 
Rough-cut, cream-colored paper
Made from top-grain cowhide leather
Handsewn binding
Buckle closure

"Like our top-grain leather, we’ll always wear the journey well in keeping our people, lifestyle, and community on the path of living authentic. So take a road trip. Wax your board. Hit up the mountains. Train for that race. Live intentional. We’ll be alongside you as you leave your mark.  We're a family of artists—adventurous and with our stuff mostly together—handcrafting inspiring lifestyle pieces at our workshop in Lindon, Utah. It's a journey. And we love it."

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