Copperesque ~ Zipper Buddy

 Hey, it's.... Zipper Buddy!   We hand fire a ton of focal beads for our earring line until we find the perfect bead to bring our vision to life!  In the process, we amass many prototypes that have been looking for a home.   

Each Zipper Buddy is a one of a kind creation... a bead hand fired in our studio, and fun this n' that findings on a steel pin with a spring steel hook.

Once a Zipper Buddy has sold, it's picture will remain on the site but it's corresponding number will no longer be selectable.

Snap 'em up and clip 'em on... they go quickly!  Don't forget... we combine our shipping.  Orders are packaged in an appropriately size flat rate "Priority Mail" box starting at $6.50.

Now comes with a gift box!

Q:  How much is shipping if I order only two?

A: $6.50

Q: what if I order Fifty Two?

A: The same price  $6.50

Q: OK so what if I order 2 zipper buddies, 1 necklace and 3 earrings?

A: $6.50  got it?

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