Copperesque ~ School of Fish

We had fun with this one! Opaque colored glass melted over a slice of clear topped with the happiest fish ever. We actually burst out laughing when Kari drew up this little guy, he was an instant winner.

The image is actually made of iron particles fused right into the molten glass for a permanent creation.

Pendant measures 1 1/8″ × 1 3/8". A silver plated bail attaches it to a black rubber cord with easy magnetic clasp. 

Includes gift box.

Pendants are formed from 2 pieces of glass, one transparent and the other opaque, tack fused together for 12 hours in our kiln. The image is printed on special paper with a high iron content ink, then applied to the cooled surface of the glass shape. It goes back in the kiln for another 12 hours, where the carrier paper burns away and the iron fuses with the glass surface. This process forms a permanent image with a sepia-toned photograph feel.

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