3D Book - A Walk In Great Gully

For years now I have been toting an odd assortment of stereographic instruments up and down the Great Gully trail and now it is all coming together in book form, sure to be a treat for anyone who has spent time in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  In all sorts of weather, we encountered awe inspiring sights, elusive creatures and plenty of friendly hikers.  Follow me as I get right up close and even fly overhead of one of the Jewels of the Finger Lakes presented in real 3D.

Get lost in yet another addition to our stereoscopic printed book collection! This set includes a 3D stereo viewing apparatus and 26 full color pages containing 47 stereo pairs and 11 single lens shots.  Our books are wire bound so they lay flat to give the best viewing experience. Dimensions are 11"x 8.5".

Single book orders ship by media mail ($4) Multiple and mixed orders ship Priority Mail.  Orders placed within 15 days of Christmas will ship by Priority Mail $6.50.

All images by Diego Ruiz.

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