3D Book - The Taughannock Falls Experience

The Newest addition to the Finger Lakes collection!  


Let's go for a hike!  Bring your family, bring your pups, and we'll retrace footsteps from the distant past. You'll find that the experience is just as powerful for us now as it was back then. 

The Taughannock Falls Experience book features 61 full color, high resolution 3D images. This set includes a stereoscopic viewer that works exactly like the stereoscopes of the 1800's and, when used to examine the double images on each page, will reveal unbelievable 3D depth.  See terrain in hyper stereo from 1000 feet in the air, or hike the trail in the dead of winter all from the comfort of your armchair.

Your copy will arrive signed and stamped with a first edition mark on the inside back cover. Includes a Loreo 3D viewer with instructions. Measures 10.5"x8.25" and has 36 pages.

Single book orders ship by media mail ($4) Multiple and mixed orders ship Priority Mail.  Orders placed within 15 days of Christmas will ship by Priority Mail $6.50.

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