3D Book - Stagecoaches & Freight Wagons

Another addition to our stereoscopic printed book collection! This set includes the 3D stereo viewing apparatus and an expanded version of our proposed edition, now with 24 full color pages containing 49 stereo pairs and 23 single lens shots.  Book measures 11"x 8.5".

Travel along with me as I enjoy the hospitality of the National Stagecoach & Freight Wagon Association. With a wagon load of specialized 3D cameras, I got the full Montana experience while capturing it for this release. Experience the wagons of the west and the lifestyle that went along with them. The N.S.F.W.A. really are the curators of the Wild West. 

Single book orders ship by media mail ($4) Multiple and mixed orders ship Priority Mail.  Orders placed within 15 days of Christmas will ship by Priority Mail $6.50.

All images by Diego Ruiz.

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