Stereographic Card - (california) Trail of Illumination

Stereoview card (3D) - 7" x 3.5" (Holmes format)

It's difficult to imagine that this enchanted forest is situated a mere stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean. We left the vastness of the ocean sky with all its blowing winds and crashing wave soundscape to a lush looming forest along the California Highway one. This trail in Big Sur meandered along a stream and through the trees and we had it to ourselves for the afternoon along with two other artist friends. Paintings were created, photographs made and fun had by all.

Card can be viewed in a traditional stereoscope, as well as with a modern viewer such as the Loreo LiteEvery care and consideration has been given in producing these cards.  Shortcuts are common and can be difficult to detect, but it's clear that these works have been taken to the next level.  

  • Silver Halide chemical prints for longest life and superior resolution
  • Die cut and Letterpressed on a vintage Heidelberg machine
  • 4 ply Alphamat and AlphaRag board by Bainbridge for archival quality
  • Individually mounted images with septum gap allows for card color to surround image and provide a more comfortable view
  • Rounded corners for easier visual alignment.
  • Acetate protective sleeve of the highest quality
  • Signed edition

Experts may debate over the fine points of card production but four out of five of us agree... These Cards Rock!   It takes an artist, a craftsman and a stubborn scientist to develop work like this and I'm pleased to create a legacy one image at a time.

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