Stereoscope Journey

Welcome to a new facet of our business... Stereoscope Journey!
This is a project Diego has been working on for several years, culminating in the release of our first book in stereoscopic 3D - "The Eastern Shore" 1 year ago!
From the 1950’s to the 1980‘s, every American kid spent a good deal of time absorbed in their Viewmaster. They examined each and every tiny tableau, trying hard to see what was just out of reach. Did you know that at the time of the Viewmaster’s release, the technology was already 100 years old? Before it was a toy, it was a highly prized entertainment device found in the parlors and studies of many affluent households. Although it was invented in 1849, the stereoviewer would not rise to popularity until the 1890’s due to new developments in the photographic printing process. It exploded onto the Victorian scene, finding its way into most homes as the new vehicle used to learn of distant lands and cultures. Imagine losing yourself in a three dimensional world of downtown USA circa 1900 and then being able to compare it to the same vantage point in 2013. It’s a window into history like no other! A handful of late 1800‘s stereo photographers captured life in the Finger Lakes Region as they saw it. It’s our goal to combine the best of these with our own modern stereographic shots.
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