Rustico - Hunting Log

With an early morning start and the truck outside warming up, don't forget to toss your leather hunting journal into the glove compartment. Keep notes on each key part of the trip. Designed to be used on any type of hunt.

Artist Edition: Features an elk design by the talented artist and outdoorsman, Tim Johnson. His distinct artwork is engraved into the leather, making this a truly unique logbook!

Dimensions: 3.75" x 1" x 8"
96 templated 3.25" x 7.5" pages
Rough-cut, cream-colored paper
Made from top-grain cowhide leather
Secured with a leather buckle closure
Handsewn binding

"Like our top-grain leather, we’ll always wear the journey well in keeping our people, lifestyle, and community on the path of living authentic. So take a road trip. Wax your board. Hit up the mountains. Train for that race. Live intentional. We’ll be alongside you as you leave your mark.  We're a family of artists—adventurous and with our stuff mostly together—handcrafting inspiring lifestyle pieces at our workshop in Lindon, Utah. It's a journey. And we love it."

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