3D Book - The Santa Paula Experience

Come along as I photograph Santa Paula, its land marks and scenic vistas from street level to aerial.  All in full 3D using a 160 year old photographic technique.  What comes to mind when you think of Santa Paula?  Clock Tower? the Oil Museum? What about the shops and restaurants that make S.P. unique?  It's in there. Visit www.stereoscopejourney.com to learn more about the process of capturing images in 3-D.

 Our intentions are to do a very limited single printing (signed) that will find it's way to the book shelves and coffee tables of true Santa Paulans, past and present. What better way to show your pride and take a stroll down the streets of your favorite town, no matter where you now reside. Don't dilly dally, these should sell out rather quickly!

Get lost in yet another addition to our stereoscopic printed book collection! This set includes a 3D stereo viewing apparatus and 26 full color pages containing 50 stereo images and captions.  Our books are wire bound so they lay flat to give the best viewing experience. Dimensions are 11"x 8.5".

Single book orders ship by media mail ($4) Multiple and mixed orders ship Priority Mail.  Orders placed within 15 days of Christmas will ship by Priority Mail $6.50.

All images by Diego Ruiz.


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