Copperesque ~ Bird Buddy

This little fella hopped into the shop moments after leaving the nest for the first time. As we put him back outside, we seized the opportunity for a Birdie photo shoot. He spent the better part of the day sitting on our sign trying to get the courage take flight… and yes, he made it!

This pendant measures 1.25" square with Sterling Silver plated bail and 18" black cord necklace. Cords can be made to custom lengths at customer request.

Includes gift box with signed card and description of the process on the back.

New Cord Style - 18" black rubber with easy magnetic closure!

Pendants are formed from 2 pieces of glass, one transparent and the other opaque. They are kiln fired to 1600 degrees where they go molten and form a single smooth tile. The image is applied to a special paper with a high iron content toner, then set on the cooled surface of the glass tile. It returns to the kiln for another 12 hours, where the carrier paper burns away and the iron particle image fuses with the molten glass surface. This process forms a permanent iron and glass image with a sepia-toned photograph feel.

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